Jokowi Rejects Bogor’s Plan to Ban Cars From Jakarta

Commuters travel through heavy traffic during the morning rush hour in Jakarta on Aug. 26, 2014. (AFP Photo/Bay Ismoyo)

Jakarta. Governor Joko Widodo of Jakarta has criticized a suggestion to ban cars from his city from entering the neighboring city of Bogor.

“We should not create borders and disintegrate,” Joko said on Friday. “Such discourse would lead to brouhaha.”

Plans to ban Jakarta’s cars from entering Bogor announced recently by the city’s government have been met with disapproval from Jakarta residents.

Bogor Mayor Bima Arya looks to have stepped back from the suggestion, saying the proposal was misunderstood. He said it was not a ban, but authorities would provide park and ride facilities to encourage people to use public transportation instead.

Joko said the plan might lead Jakarta to do the same.

“Should we intercept [Bogor’s cars] and give a ticket to those who want to enter Jakarta?” Joko said as quoted by

The solution to reduce traffic congestion in Bogor was to provide enough public transportation between the two cities, he added.

“The most important thing is how we prepare mass transportation from Bogor to Jakarta, cheap transportation, not cars, from one city to the other.”

The plan has worried members of Bogor’s hospitality industry, who fear it could affect visitor numbers.

Adhy Satrianto, chairman of the Bogor chapter of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Union (PHRI), opposed the plan.

“People from Bogor who have vehicles with Jakarta license plates reject this, let alone business people,” Adhy told news portal

Oshin, who manages the restaurant Saung Kuring, said the ban would impact restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and tourism.

“The policy will influence the number of visitors in Bogor and it will reduce our income,” Oshin said as quoted by “Not all tourist centers, outlets, hotels are serviced by public transportation, as the facilities and infrastructure are not sufficient.” JG


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