Daughter of ‘dangdut’ king says she will leave country if Jokowi becomes president

Debby Rhoma Irama (Picture: Debby Rhoma Forsa Facebook fans page)

Debby Rhoma Irama (Picture: Debby Rhoma Forsa Facebook fans page)

Debby Rhoma, eldest daughter of the king of dangdut, Rhoma Irama, expressed her deep disappointment over Indonesia’s political phenomenon in statements published on her Facebook account – Debby Rhoma Forsa – on Tuesday morning.

She said she would leave Jakarta and move abroad if her father could not participate in the presidential race and Jokowi was elected as the Indonesian president.

“As a Jakarta resident, I hope that I could have a governor that is sincere and is committed to fulfilling his commitments to lead Jakarta for at least one term of office, instead of only a half or a quarter of term of office,” Debby wrote on her Facebook page.

“If Joko Widodo runs for president and there is no Rhoma Irama in the 2014 presidential candidacy, I’m determined to move out of Jakarta. If Joko Widodo is elected as the next Indonesian president, I’m determined to move abroad,” she went on.

Debby further said that despite her disappointment, she would not stay home during the presidential election.

“Wherever I am, I will write my father’s name ‘Rhoma Irama’ on my ballot paper so that it cannot be misused by political mafioso,” she said. (The Jakarta Post)


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