Jakarta Floods Persist as Forecasters Predict Wet Start to Year of the Horse

A man wades through the grounds of a Chinese temple in Jakarta on Jan. 29, 2914. (JG Photo/EPA Photo)

A man wades through the grounds of a Chinese temple in Jakarta on Jan. 29, 2914. (JG Photo/EPA Photo)

Bogor, West Java/Jakarta. The water level at a crucial flood gate south of the city dropped early Thursday after having risen to trigger the highest alert level shortly after midnight, a flood official said, as Jakarta braced for more heavy rain ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations.

“Around midnight last night the water level at the Katulampa floodgate reached 230 centimeters and the water debit was at 552,000 liters per second,” said Andi Sudirman, who works at the flood gate.

As dawn broke on Thursday, the water level at the gate — one of the last defenses to protect the capital from flooding — was already down to 140 centimeters and the water rate was at 446,000 liters per second, Andi said.

Katulampa was at the third stage of alert on Thursday morning — instructive of reasonably high water levels, but not of imminent inundation.

Heavy rains over Bogor on Wednesday night increased the likelihood that areas of South and East Jakarta around the Ciliwung river would wake up to worse conditions.

On Wednesday evening, the alert status at Katulampa was raised to the second level at 10:39 p.m. as the water rose to 160 centimeters. The alert topped out at 11:05 p.m. with more than two meters of water recorded by officials.

Andi said Katulampa was in constant communication with other floodgates farther downstream, including in Depok and in Manggarai, to update them on the level at the Bogor check.

Hours of heavy rains in Jakarta and its upstream water-catchment areas on Tuesday evening caused havoc during the Wednesday morning rush hour, with floods returning to areas already reeling from weeks of inundation, and new parts of the city experiencing flooding for the first time this rainy season.

Extensive flooding affected train line services into East Jakarta, with Jatinegara station closed on Wednesday, and disrupted TransJakarta’s bus operations. Flooded roads, such as Jalan Gunung Sahari, south of Mangga Dua, caused heavy traffic congestion, with commuters reporting journey times three to four times as long as the norm.

The Jakarta Police Traffic Management Center said that flooding continued to hinder traffic in several parts of the city on Thursday.

Jalan Dan Mogot toward Tangerang, was still under some 30 centimeters of water. Traffic in the direction of Jakarta was at a standstill on Thursday morning.

The BKMG released a statement on Thursday morning forecasting heavy rain for Jakarta over the next 24 hours. The Jakarta Globe


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