North Sumatra Helicopter Crash Kills One, Injures Four

Berastagi, North Sumatra. A helicopter with five people on board crashed as it was taking off from a hospital in Berastagi, in the North Sumatra district of Tanah Karo, on Monday, leaving one person dead and four injured, police said.

The helicopter was taking off from the Efarina Etaham hospital in Berastagi. Three of the people on board were hospital employees.

“The helicopter crashed as it was taking off. The cause of the accident is yet to be known and an investigation is ongoing,” Adj. Sr. Comr, Albert Sianipar, the Tanah Karo district police chief, said. “The results will be known after the investigation is over.”

The fatality was identified as Arif, a 39-year-old technician. The pilot and the three passengers are currently being treated at the hospital.

There was no immediate information about the owner of the helicopter.

The accident, which took place at around 10:40 a.m., drew a lot of onlookers, including victims of the latest eruption of nearby Mount Sinabung who were staying at shelters nearby.

Makmur Ginting, a local resident, said that when the accident took place, the weather was normal. The Jakarta Globe


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