Tasikmalaya Teenager Tried for Rape of Six-Year-Old Girl and 300 Chickens

Detik News Photo

By: Kristiadi/Detik News Photo

A 17-year-old boy in the West Java district of Tasikmalaya allegedly raped a six-year-old girl and 300 chickens, according to information that emerged during his ongoing trial.

Motur Panjaitan, the chief judge trying the case, said the boy admitted in a closed-door hearing to raping the chickens and killing them or leavening them to die.

“That was what he said,” Motur told Indonesian news portal detik.com.

Chicken keepers from the defendant’s neighborhood in the Cikalong subdistrict village of Cimanuk were summoned to testify against the teenager, who has been charged in the drunken rape and attempted murder of an elementary school girl. He allegedly threw her into the sea.

The girl survived, which led to the defendant’s arrest.

Agus Sugianto, 30, said his chickens were attacked by the defendant between December 2012 and September 2013.

“30 chickens of mine are dead,” Agus told Indonesian news portal jpnn.com. “They were Arabic and free range chickens.”

He said the chicken displayed torn rectums and other clear signs of rape.

Wasudisman, the defendant’s uncle, said his nephew had engaged in errant sexual behavior since he was nine.

The 47-year-old said he had spotted the boy assaulting goats and chickens.

“I thought my nephew did that… because he’s sick,” Wasudisman said.

He said he had raised the defendant since he was seven because boy’s mother was a migrant worker abroad and his father’s whereabouts were unknown.

Many neighbors had come to his house, he said, demanding that he pay Rp 25,000 ($2) for every chicken his nephew killed.

The boy’s lawyer, Ramadanil S. Daulay, said the defendant suffered from a sexual disorder and asked that he receive medical treatment rather than serve time in prison.

“Sick people should be treated in rehab, not jailed,” Ramadanil said. “[Imprisonment] would not deter him — not if he hadn’t received the right treatment.” The Jakarta Globe


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