Ox-cart festival at Prambanan Temple

Ox-carts, known locally as gerobak sapi

Ox-carts, known locally as gerobak sapi

Over 200 drivers of ox-carts, known locally as gerobak sapi, are expected to participate in a festival to be held at the Prambanan Hindu temple on the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces on Saturday.

Called ‘Gerobak Sapi Merdeka 2013’, the festival will be partly held to commemorate Indonesian Independence and as a forum to recall traditional wisdom and lore, chairman of the festival’s organizing committee, Warjono, otherwise known as Bocor, said. “One way of doing so is by displaying the gerobak as the main means of transportation in the past and as a supporting instrument during the fight for independence,” Warjono said.


Participants are expected to come from Yogyakarta and neighboring Central Java towns including Purworejo, Boyolali and Klaten. So far, according to Warjono, 210 participants have confirmed their attendance. A parade is scheduled to set off at 8 a.m. from Kridobuwono Square, along a 4-kilometer route. The Jakarta Post


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