Habibie: R80 airplane better than N250

cropped-n250_101Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Former Indonesian President B.J Habibie said that the Regio Prop 80 airplane, known as R80, would be better than N250 airplane.

“The company (PT Ragio Aviasi Industri) will make it better than N250. It`s a surprise, you`ll see it,” Habibie said after delivering a speech at the national coordination meeting on research and technology here on Wednesday (August 28).

According to Habibie, the R80`s engineers will learn from experiences when they made N250 airplane. The 80-passengers capacity of R80 is scheduled to fly in 2018.

Meanwhile, Ilham A Habibie, PT Ragio Aviasi Industri`s commissioner stated earlier that the manufacture of R80 was aimed to meet the Indonesia`s air transportation needs.

Ilham said that the manufacture of R80 has been at the early stage or 10 percent of its total production.

R80`s capabilities, design, and technology were similar to N250, except its size that is larger and longer, Ilham said, adding that R80 will still use a propeller above its fuselage as that of the N250.

“By using propeller, fuel`s consumption would be more efficient,” he said.

He pointed out that the R80 was designed to fly in distance of less than 600 kilometers so that the airplanes could be more efficient of fuel`s use.

Meanwhile, the manufacture of R80 at the early stages reportedly needs 400 million U.S. dollars.


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