Three FPI members arrested



Suherdjoko, The Jakarta Post, Semarang: Police have arrested three members of the Temanggung chapter of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), on Friday, following a riot which broke out in Sukorejo, Kendal regency, Central Java, when residents fought against the hard-line group’s sweeps the day before.

One of the arrested men is the driver of a Toyota Avanza which allegedly hit eight Sukorejo residents. The incident left Tri Munarti, a 42-year-old teacher at state elementary school SD1 in Krikil, Pager Ruyung, Kendal, dead.

Kendal Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Asep Jenal Ahmadi said the police were still questioning the three FPI members. They were named as Soni Haryono, 38, an FPI member from Muntilan, Magelang regency, and the driver of the Avanza alleged to have hit Tri Munarti and the seven others, and Satrio Yuono, 22, and Agung Wicaksono,22, two residents of Parakan, Temanggung regency who were allegedly carrying sharp weapons.

“We sent home all of the FPI Temanggung members in two minibuses except for the three arrested suspects. We evacuated 28 FPI members last night,” said Asep.

On Thursday, a group of FPI supporters returned in 10 vehicles and motorcycles and a riot broke out.

The clash between Sukorejo residents and the FPI supporters erupted when several members of the Islamic group carried out a sweep in a red-light district in Ngrancah village, Sukorejo, on Wednesday evening. The FPI supporters demanded the brothels be closed due to Ramadhan, but the brothel operators refused.

Facing hard resistance from a far larger crowd, the FPI supporters decided to go back to Temanggung. It was at this time when the Toyota Avanza driven by Soni reportedly hit a group of teachers who were traveling on motorcycles, causing the death of Tri Munarti. (apt/ebf)


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