Bom Explodes in Police Headquarter of Poso

There has been a suicide bombing in Poso Police Headquarters on Monday (03/06) conducted by a man driving motorcycles. The body of the suicide bomber was destroyed, while one resident was injured in the bombing.

The bombers used the bike by carrying with him a bag at his back by way of passing aguarding post and at that moment the bomb exploded.

Actors body leaving only his head intact. Other body parts were destroyed

“About 15 meters from the gate, there was an explosion two times. A small explosion and then a huge explosion,” said Poso Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Susnadi when confirmed.

While the motive for suicide was still under investigation by authorities, and did the suicide bombing had linkage to suicide bombing in Police Headquarter of Cirebon which was still unclear?

Suara Indonesia / Detik


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