Bali Teen Caught Having Sex With Chicken, Cow


Denpasar. A 16-year-old boy from Karangasem, Bali was brought to local police after residents of the town caught him having sexual intercourse with a dead chicken.

The boy, who has been identified by the initials KS, was discovered committing the act in a vacant lot of the Graha Indah housing complex in the district of Karangasem on Monday afternoon. He was soon handed over to police, who released him after some brief questioning.

“He committed no crime; he only committed an ethics violation. We have decided to let the local residents handle the problem,” Karangasem Police chief Comr. Putu Wijaya Arsa said on Tuesday.

“We suspect that the perpetrator has a mental problem,” he added.

Quoting KS, Wijaya said the boy had throttled the hen before having a sexual intercourse with it. KS claimed he did the deed after receiving an order from a spirit.

Supposedly, the spirit made him see the chicken as a beautiful girl.

“He said a spirit would keep disturbing him if he didn’t immediately do as it commanded,” Wijaya said.

Last month, KS was discovered having sex with a cow at the same housing complex.

“I witnessed him having intercourse with my cattle,” Wayan Sekar, the cow owner, said.

KS’s mother said her son was mentally troubled.

“I brought him to a psychic, who told me to watch over him every day.”

She added that her family was planning to organize a “pemelukatan” ceremony to rid KS of the evil spirit so he wouldn’t engage in similar acts in the future.

Ni Nyoman Suparni, an officer with the Bali office of the Child and Women’s Protection Group (KPPA), said the boy would be brought to Denpasar to consult with a psychiatrist.

KS is reportedly an elementary school graduate who now works construction.


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