Japanese “Ace” Funny Story In World War II

Hiroyoshi Nishizawa in his Mitsubishi Zero A6M3 Model 22 (tail code UI-105) from the 251st Kokutai over the Solomon Islands in May 1943. The unit’s aircraft have been hastily sprayed with dark green camouflage paint on the upper surfaces.

One Japanese fighter pilot in World War II (WW II) named Hiroyishi Nishizawa. in fact on the historical record he was famous among the “ace” of the rising sun country. It is possible that Nishizawa was the most successful Japanese fighter ace of the war; he personally claimed to have had 87 aerial victories at the time of his death. Some uncertainty is due to the Japanese habit of recording victories for pilots’ units, rather than the individual, after 1941, as well as the often wildly-exaggerated claims of aerial kills that were frequently accepted. Some sources credit Nishizawa with over 100 victories.

War does not always cause a terrible picture. But it turns out, there is also a little small smile that can be generated from events that happened in the war it self. Hiroyishi Nishizawa example. Unique occurrence ranges in 1942. Nishizawa fly with other Japanese ‘ace’; Saburo Sakai the world known him as a good pilot with abillity flying, he also an expert to write their ecperiences, and biographies. They also fly with Toshio Ota. When they flew to the USA air base which at the time was an enemy of Japan. In Lae, Port Moresby, New Guinea. They flew in a tight formation arrangement. Who knows, that third hero from japanese didn’t shot anything or droped a missle direct to the U.S military base. and the enemy, they niether heard any misslile nti-aircraft shoot to them and none american aircraft striving to expel them.

Hiroyishi Nishizawa

Toshio Ota

Saburo Sakai

They fly free and ease carry out aerobatics over the enemy airbase. They do “loop” acrobatics three times. “Loop” is an aerial acrobatic moves in a circle with a flip turn aircraft such as the shape of the current car wheels. And they fly only 6000 feet from the ground. After returning kepangkalan air themselves, they burst out laughing. As if what they did was a harmless joke. Of course they imagine how dongkolnya faces of American troops watching their actions. And they agree that it is a secret they funny.

But without realizing an American military aircraft apparently following them from behind and dropped a letter on top of their base. Not long after that they were called by their commander and they got heavily reprimanded. Apparently the commander had received a letter dropped on Lae’s base. Here’s the letter:

“We are very impressed by the three aviators who visited us today and we were amazed at the loop that they make over our base. We would greatly appreciate them if airline pilots were willing to come once again. then we deeply regret not making more preparation in their visit was. But next time they will receive a more festive reception. ”

It sounds like just kidding but this is realy happened in world war two that are in the story by Martin Caidi, a leading aviation world author in his book “Zero Fighter”.  tulisansejarah.blogspot


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