Good News – U.S. Agrees to Sell 8 AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters to Indonesia

The AH-64 Apache is The Army’s heavy division/corps attack helicopter. The AH-64D Longbow remanufacture effort incorporates a millimeter wave fire control radar (FCR), radar frequency interferometer (RFI), fire-and-forget radar-guided Hellfire missile and cockpit management and digitization enhancements. (U.S. Army)

WASHINGTON — The United States is to sell eight Apache helicopters to Indonesia in a sign of strengthening ties aimed at boosting regional security, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sept. 20.

After talks with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, Clinton said the U.S. administration had “informed Congress of the potential sale of eight AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters to the Indonesian government.”

“This agreement will strengthen our comprehensive partnership and help enhance security across the region,” she told reporters, after they met for their third U.S.-Indonesia joint commission.

The administration of President Barack Obama is making a key policy pivot to boost ties in the Asia-Pacific region, as it seeks to try to fend off China’s influence, and Clinton visited Jakarta earlier this month.

The top U.S. diplomat did not give a figure for how much the sale of the Boeing-made Apaches to the Indonesian military was worth, but the Jakarta Post has reported that the deal has been in the works for some time.

Hailing their growing ties, Clinton said trade between the two nations topped $26 billion last year, while “investments in transportation, energy, and infrastructure are creating jobs and supporting economic growth.”

The United States was also spending some $600 million over the next five years to fund “clean energy development, child health and nutrition programs, and efforts to help make Indonesia’s government more transparent and open,” Clinton said.

Indonesia and the United States had built a “strong foundation,” she said. Alluding to tensions in the South China Seas, Clinton added: “One of our most important concerns is promoting peace and stability in the Asia Pacific.”

Jakarta and Washington had a “comprehensive partnership,” Natalegawa agreed, adding he wanted “to reinforce and recall and reaffirm the fact that the importance of Indonesia-U.S. relations extends beyond the bilateral.

“Our two countries now have worked very closely in a very productive and very mutually beneficial way, not only bilaterally, but increasingly within the regional setting as well.” defensenews

Knowledge of the AH-64D Apache Longbow

The Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow is a four-blade, twin-engine attack helicopter (uprated T700-GE-701C engines) with a tailwheel-type landing gear arrangement, and a tandem cockpit for two crews. The Apache was developed as Model 77 by Hughes Helicopters for the United States Army’s Advanced Attack Helicopter program to replace the AH-1 Cobra.

The AH-64 features a VNsight low-light television sensors (LLTV) that will allow ambient lighting such as street lights, beacons, headlights and laser light to be viewable in low-light conditions. The Apache is armed with a 30-millimeter (1.2 in) M230 Chain Gun carried between the main landing gear, under the aircraft’s forward fuselage. It has four hardpoints mounted on stub-wing pylons, typically carrying a mixture of AGM-114 Hellfire and Hydra 70 rocket pods. The AH-64 also features double- and triple-redundant aircraft systems to improve survivability for the aircraft and crew in combat, as well as improved crash survivability for the pilots.

The Longbow radar is a very low peak power, millimetric band system, with extremely low sidelobes by virtue of a very large relative antenna size. The low emitted power, extremely narrow pencil beam mainlobe, and undisclosed LPI modulation features provide a system with a range of the order of 10 km in clear conditions, which is near to undetectable by established RWR technology. Only a highly sensitive channelised ESM receiver with a high gain antenna and low noise receivers can reliably detect such a signal, under optimal antenna pointing conditions.

The choice of millimetric band means that atmospheric water vapour and oxygen resonance losses rapidly soak up the signal, which is also out of the frequency band coverage of most RWRs. The radar will track up to 128 targets and prioritise the top 16.

The U.S. Army is the primary operator of the AH-64, however it has also become the primary attack helicopter of several nations it has been exported to, including Greece, Japan, Israel, the Netherlands and Singapore; as well as being produced under license in the United Kingdom as the AgustaWestland Apache. U.S. AH-64s have served in conflicts in Panama, Persian Gulf War, Kosovo War, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Israel has made active use of the Apache in its military conflicts in Lebanon and Gaza Strip, while two coalition allies have deployed their AH-64s in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Crew: 2 (pilot, and co-pilot/gunner)
Length: 58.17 ft (17.73 m)
Rotor diameter: 48 ft 0 in (14.63 m)
Height: 12.7 ft (3.87 m)
Disc area: 1,809.5 ft² (168.11 m²)
Empty weight: 11,387 lb (5,165 kg)
Loaded weight: 17,650 lb (8,000 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 23,000 lb (10,433 kg)
Powerplant: 2× General Electric T700-GE-701 and later upgraded to T700-GE-701C (1990–present) & T700-GE-701D (AH-64D block III) turboshafts, -701: 1,690 shp, -701C: 1,890 shp, -701D: 2,000 shp (-701: 1,260 kW, -701C: 1,490 kW, -701D: 1,490 kW) each
Fuselage length: 49 ft 5 in (15.06 m)
Rotor systems: 4 blade main rotor, 4 blade tail rotor in non-orthogonal alignment

Never exceed speed: 197 knots (227 mph, 365 km/h)
Maximum speed: 158 knots (182 mph, 293 km/h)
Cruise speed: 143 knots (165 mph, 265 km/h)
Range: 257 nmi (295 mi, 476 km) with Longbow radar mast
Combat radius: 260 nmi (300 mi, 480 km)
Ferry range: 1,024 nmi (1,180 mi, 1,900 km)
Service ceiling: 21,000 ft (6,400 m) minimum loaded
Rate of climb: 2,500 ft/min (12.7 m/s)
Disc loading: 9.80 lb/ft² (47.9 kg/m²)
Power/mass: 0.18 hp/lb (0.31 kW/kg)

Guns: 1× 30 × 113 mm (1.18 × 4.45 in) M230 Chain Gun with 1,200 rounds
Hardpoints: Four pylon stations on the stub wings. Longbows also have a station on each wingtip for an AIM-92 ATAS twin missile pack.
Rockets: Hydra 70 air-to-ground rockets
Missiles: Typically AGM-114 Hellfire variants, however, AIM-92 Stinger may also be carried.

Lockheed Martin / Northrop Grumman AN/APG-78 Longbow fire-control radar (Note: can only be mounted on the AH-64D)

Military Knowledge


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