KRI Irian, Indonesia Sea Monsters in the era of the 60’s

As a maritime nation, we should already have a capable navy. Not just talking about the quality and quantity of weaponry, but it was fitting for us to have the arsenal of weaponry that can be thrilling guts opponent. This is what formerly was so proud of Indonesia in the era of nation-60s. In addition to a fleet of the strongest air force in Southeast Asia, Navy (TNI-AL) where they have had a cruise warship type of artificial light of the Soviet Union.

Until now there has been no single country in Southeast Asia has ever cruisers other than Indonesia. It is the legendary cruisers KRI Irian, the Indonesian government accidentally imported within the framework of the liberation of West Irian (Papua) by President Sukarno. The following are extracts KRI Irian profile with that obtained from sources.

Ships of this type is the last conventional ship Explorer made ​​for the Soviet Navy, 13 vessels completed before Nikita Khrushchev to stop this program because the ship is considered old-fashioned kind with the advent of missiles (guided missile). This ship is a development version of the Explorer Class Chapayev.

KRI Irian is actually a ship Ordzhonikidze Explorers of the Baltic fleet Sovietyang AL bought by the Indonesian government in 1962. KRI Irian It is the largest ship in the southern hemisphere. This ship is actively used within Operations Trikora for preparation of West Irian.

On January 11, 1961 The Soviet government began to issue instructions to the Central Design Bureau # 17 to modify the order ideal Ordzhonikidze operating in the tropics. Large-scale modernization done to make this vessel can operate at a temperature of +40 C, humidity 95%, and the water temperature of +30 C, but representatives of the Indonesian Navy who later visited the town of Baltiisk stated that they were not able to bear the cost of the project it. Finally, modernization transferred to the installation of more powerful diesel generator to drive an additional ventilator.

On February 14, 1961 This ship arrived in Sevastopol and on 5 April 1962 this ship was to start trials lautnya.Pada Indonesia crew for this ship has been formed and there on the boat. Mr. Yathizan mechanical ship, later became head of the Department of Engineering ALRI. So did a lot of other sailors who, in later days many are able to occupy an important position.


Coming to Jakarta on August 5, 1962 and was declared out of the official Soviet Navy on January 24 1963.Dalam Soviet military history, the Soviet Union never sell a boat with this heavy weight to the other countries except for Indonesia. ALRI who had never previously had its own fleet, learn to operate the ships sophisticated and costly problems by trial and error / trial and error. In November 1962 recorded a diesel submarine is damaged due to collision hirolis when rising to the surface, a destroyer damaged and three of the six boilers KRI Irian damaged. Hot temperatures and high humidity negative effect on the Navy fleet, consequently a lot of equipment that can not be operated optimally. On the other hand, the presence of these vessels provide a psychological effect for the Dutch navy war ship 2x especially

Dutch carrier Kareel doorman and made ​​the Dutch Navy drastically reduce its presence in the waters of West Irian. Especially at the moment jg Air Force operates the Tu-16 Badger bomber who could mengotong 2 anti-ship missile perangAS-1 Kennel (missile is the same with Hunter aircraft Mig 15!).

In 1964 explorer ship has been completely lost its operating efficiency and it was decided to send KRI Irian to Vladivostok Shipyard for repairs. In March 1964 until the factory KRI Irian Dalzavod. The sailors and the Soviet technicians were surprised to see the condition of the ship and the many small improvements that should have been done by the crew was not done. They are also interested in the little modifications made ALRI that is, change clothes into the living room of worship (something not possible in a communist country).

After the repair was completed in August 1964 the ship was escorted to Surabaya with Navy Destroyer Soviet.Setahun later (1965) a change of government. Practical government power in the hands of Suharto Soeharto.Perhatian against ALRI is very different than Sukarno. This ship left terbengkelai in Surabaya, even sometimes used as a prison for political opponents of Suharto in 1970 terbengkelai ship began to fill with water. No one who cares for the rescue ship KRI Irian dibesituakan ini.Tercatat Explorers in Taiwan in 1972 by reason of a chronic shortage of spare parts.

Specifications & Alusista:

Length: 210 Meters
Width: 22 Meters
Draught: 6.9 Meters
Weight: 16.640 tons
(as a comparison of the navy’s largest ship now is Fregat Class tribal “only” which weighs 3250 tons)
Power Plant: two shaft geared steam engine trubine
6 Boiler, 110.000 HP
Max Speed​​: 32.5 Knots
Thick layer of steel:
-> Belt: 100 mm
-> Tower: 150 mm
-> Deck: 50 mm
-> Turret: 75 mm

Electronic Equipment:

* Radar:
Air search radar Gyus-2
Ryf sea surface search radar
Neptun radar navigation
* Sonar :
Tamir-5N installed on hull
* Other:
Machta ECM (Electronic Counter Measures)

The main armament:

-> 10 anti-ship torpedo tubes 533 mm Caliber
-> 12 57 cal Canons type B-38 Caliber 15.2 cm (6 front, 6 Rear)
-> 12 Double Kanon type 56 cal Model 1934 6 (twin) BC-5-1 mounts Caliber 10 cm
-> 32 cannon caliber 3.7 cm multi-function
-> 4 triple Mk5-bis turrets gun caliber of 20 mm (for the purposes of anti-air attack)

Number of crew:

This ship can load the 1270 crew, including 60 officers, 75 officers supervisor, and 154 first officer.


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